Our Services


POPYULAR MECHANICAL WORKS INDIA PVT LTD provides a wide variety of gear cutting services. We also have precision gear grinding machinery, which enables us to provide longer lasting, higher quality gears. POPYULAR MECHANICAL WORKS INDIA PVT LTD cutting machines utilize the generating principle. These versatile machines permit a high accuracy of manufacturing. POPYULAR MECHANICAL WORKS INDIA PVT LTD can accurately produce any tooth form on modified gears for industry requirements.


POPYULAR MECHANICAL WORKS INDIA PVT LTD manufacturing capability starts from raw materials and ends with complete gear components. Items that we manufacture follow our client's exact specifications. Utilizing top of the line equipment and the highest quality of material available, we are able to adapt and provide products to satisfy our customer's requirements.


POPYULAR MECHANICAL WORKS INDIA PVT LTD has the capacity to completely machine all types of work. Regular machine shop work, repair work and emergency work receive the same quality service. . POPYULAR MECHANICAL WORKS INDIA PVT LTD versatility in gearing and machining services gives us a manufacturing ability that delivers on-time precision and economy of production. Because our versatile shop takes on many jobs not related to gearing, many customers have been pleased to learn that our regular machine shop services are very cost competitive.


POPYULAR MECHANICAL WORKS INDIA PVT LTD offers a complete overhaul and repair service for all types of gears and gear boxes. POPYULAR MECHANICAL WORKS INDIA PVT LTD has always been able to find unique solutions to solve complex problems. Our team of specialists apply both standard and on occasion, unorthodox approaches; however, the end result is invariably a product suited to our customer's requirements.

Machinery That We House

The production process is continuously upgraded from time to time with the latest technology. The manufacturing line boasts of imported world renowned names like WMW, Maag, Toyoda, Cincinati, Kolb, Cugir, etc. which are installed in sections catogarised as turning section, gear hobbing section, gear grinding section, toolroom etc. Each section is reinforced with a team & highly motivated, skilled, experienced & qualified personnel to take care of the operations.